Delivery times

Learn estimated delivery times for Scribeless mail campaigns in the US, UK, Canada, Europe and Rest of the world through carriers.

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How quickly will you turn around my campaign after I submit it?

We turn around campaigns you submit within one working day and then hand them to carriers. Campaigns should be submitted by 9.30AM to make it into the next batch.

We do our best to quality-check each note for address issues; however, we recommend that you check your notes and recipient for errors before uploading. If we spot an issue with your campaign, then we might place your campaign into "Admin Hold" and will reach out to you via email.

How long will it take my campaign to reach its recipients once it is posted?

We ship all campaigns through USPS, Royal Mail or Canada Post. Here's a rough estimate of the time it might take:

US (NY or CA)

4 - 6 working days


Rest of US

5 - 7 working days



3 - 5 working days

Royal Mail


5 - 10 working days

Royal Mail


4 - 7 working days

Canada Post

Rest of World

7 - 15 working days


My campaign is taking longer than expected to reach its recipients. Why is this?

There are a number of reasons why a campaign may be slightly later than expected. Here are some of the possible reasons:

  • Campaigns of 5000+ units may be broken up into different batches and sent on different days, particularly if our team hasn't had any prior warning. For particularly large campaigns, consider letting us know in advance what we should expect.

  • In particularly busy periods, such as Q4, postal services will likely be strained, and delivery times will be longer than usual. Our platform and website may be updated with a disclaimer during these periods, warning you that your campaigns may take longer than usual and how long you should allow for them to arrive. Even if you don't see a disclaimer, we will update the expected arrival date timeframe to give you an indication of when your campaign will arrive. These times can be a little unpredictable, so it's always worth giving yourself a little extra time to make sure your campaigns arrive in a timely manner.‍

  • If one of our team spots an issue during the quality checking process, they may email you, asking how you would like us to proceed. The sooner you answer our query, the sooner we can resolve the issue and get your campaign sent out. If there is a delay in response from you, we may have to hold back the campaign. We'd recommend thoroughly checking your campaign preview after completing the creation process, so any issues can be spotted early and your campaign can make it out on time.

How will I know if my campaign has arrived or not?

By default, we do not track every letter we send out for you. Each letter would have to be sent as a separate tracked order, and this would vastly increase the time taken to ship as well as the cost. Here are some of the things current Scribeless users are doing to ensure they can measure the reach of their campaigns:

  • Contact Details: Make sure to include a contact number, email address, or even a return mail address to ensure that your recipients know how to reach you after receiving your letter.

  • Unique Landing Pages or Codes: You can include URLs with UTMs directed to landing pages on your website, or discount codes specific to the campaign you send out. You can measure the web traffic to the page, and monitor the usage of the codes to see how many people are engaging with your letters.

  • Dynamic QR Codes: You can include a dynamic QR code that is personalized to each recipient. These dynamic codes might link to a personalized video or dynamic page for each recipient.

If these don't fully answer your questions or you are still unsure about where your campaign is or when it will arrive, please get in touch with a member of our support team.

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