Your first campaign

Learn how to create your first handwritten direct mail campaign with Scribeless, including designing mailers and uploading data.

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Before you create your first campaign with us, it's important that you have signed up for an account and have spent some time thinking through copy and design. You'll also need your data ready to go before taking the steps within this article.

If you'd like to see any case studies for inspiration or would like to double check your data is formatted correctly, please get in touch via our live chat.

Video tutorial

Campaign creation

  1. Click the Create Campaign button

  2. Name the campaign, and select the delivery method

    1. Direct mail - sent from our facilities as individual mailings

    2. Bulk shipping - sent to you in bulk to distribute

  3. Review the envelope, and if wanted, add your return address

  4. Load up the campaign editor

Campaign editor

  1. Choose your paper size from our range of options

  2. Select your handwriting style, size and color

  3. Add copy to the campaign, and include any custom fields as needed

  4. Add a footer with CTA's, and a logo to the front side

  5. Add a back image design by flipping the page through the controls in the top right

  6. Complete campaign

Uploading data

  1. Have your CSV file ready, and make sure to include all mandatory fields (first name, street address, city, zip, state, country)

  2. Hit "upload recipients" on the created campaign

  3. Upload your file, and match the column headers

    You can also download a CSV file template from us here

  4. Check for any invalid data that our address validator has picked up

  5. Click "complete" and wait for the data to be uploaded

Payment & finalizing

Your campaign at this stage will be marked as "waiting for card", and the recipients will be on hold. We'll need a payment card added to include the campaign in our next batch. Please add your card through the button displayed within your campaign details.

Once added, the campaign will move into active, and the recipients into "in progress". At this stage, a billing tab will appear within your settings, which will display the price you are paying per send, exclusive of stamps. For full details on pricing, please visit our pricing plan support article.

Your campaign will be included in our next batch, and will have a final quality control check from our team before we invoice and bill the card on file. This happens at 9:00am ET Monday to Friday.

Delivery times

We ship all campaigns through USPS, Royal Mail, or Canada Post. Here's a rough estimate of the time it might take:

US (NY or CA)

4 - 6 working days


Rest of US

5 - 7 working days



3 - 5 working days

Royal Mail


5 - 10 working days

Royal Mail


4 - 7 working days

Canada Post

Rest of World

7 - 15 working days


For bulk shipping campaigns, they will arrive through a tracked service within 2-3 working days.

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