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I've created my campaign, what happens now?
I've created my campaign, what happens now?

What happens after creating a handwritten mail campaign with Scribeless, with delivery times for letters, postcards and greetings cards.

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Congratulations! You've created a campaign and are well on your way to standing out in the mailbox. Now that you've created your campaign, here's what happens next:

The following day (Monday to Friday)


Our data team will take a look through your campaign and make sure they are happy with the formatting and address data that has been uploaded. Any issues, and they'll pause the campaign and email you. If not, we'll move onto the next step.


The team will then create a batch of all of the sends for that day and will split these up between our facilities in New York, California, Canada, and the UK. This will be sent off to our production team, and your campaign will be marked as shipped.


Our finance team will review your invoice to make sure it matches any quotes you've received and will charge the card we have on file. They'll also send you an invoice that breaks down your sends for that day.

11:30am (may be day after, volume dependent)

Our production teams will start producing your cards, letters, and envelopes and ordering them into a stack dependent on the product chosen.


Our production teams will begin hand-matching your cards to their respective envelopes and sealing each unit. They will then apply a real stamp to the outside of each envelope and add them to a carrier box ready for collection.


We drop the sends off to our local postmaster, ready for introduction into the carrier network. Delivery times are shown below.

Delivery times

We ship all campaigns through USPS, Royal Mail or Canada Post. Here's a rough estimate of the time it might take:

US (NY or CA)

4 - 6 working days


Rest of US

5 - 7 working days



3 - 5 working days

Royal Mail


5 - 10 working days

Royal Mail


4 - 7 working days

Canada Post

Rest of World

7 - 15 working days


For bulk shipping campaigns, they will arrive through a tracked service within 2-3 working days.

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