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Welcome to Scribeless
Welcome to Scribeless

Learn how Scribeless provides handwritten direct mail services to help businesses build personal relationships with prospects and customers.

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What is Scribeless?

We are a handwritten direct mail vendor that has facilities in the US, UK, and Canada. Thousands of companies trust us and our mailers to stand out in the postbox and use us to build personal relationships with prospects, partners and customers.

Simply put, handwritten letters grab attention, which is ever more valuable as traditional channels become less impactful.

How does it work?

Scribeless is a completely white-labelled service. As in, whoever you are sending to has no idea we exist. That's crucial in conveying realism.

To get started, you sign up for an account with us. This will allow you to create your first campaign, invite team members, and connect integrations.

To create your first campaign, you'll need to have your CSV of data ready and any graphics or copy you are looking to add to the campaign.

You'll also need a card handy to add as the final step before confirming your campaign is ready to go.

How to get started

  1. Sign up for an account

    If your team has an account, they can invite you from their team settings. If not, you can request a demo or sign up for free here.

  2. Campaign materials

    Compile any graphics or copy that you'd like to include within your campaign, ready for upload.

  3. Create campaign

    Simply create the campaign, uploading campaign materials through our 3-step workflow (delivery, note, and summary).

  4. Upload data

    Upload your CSV, validate your data, add a billing card, and we'll ship within two working days.

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