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Pricing plans

Scribeless pricing plans include pay-as-you-go and subscriptions for direct mail services. Learn about tiered pricing and monthly billing.

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Scribeless pricing plans are based on sending our standard line of products; however, we can quote on a wide variety of paper sizes, materials, printing options, and postage as needed. Contact our sales team if you would like a bespoke quote.

Our pricing plans break into two models; PAYG and Subscriptions.

PAYG (Pay as you go)

The PAYG model is simple. You upload a campaign, or several campaigns, and we charge you for the number of sends that are included within our daily batch.

Pricing is one-off, and is tiered dependent on the number of sends included within that batch. You can have multiple campaigns included within one batch; as long as they are uploaded on the same day, you will benefit from the tiered discount.

Pricing is separated between a card or letter in an envelope, a postcard, and postage costs. You can learn more about our different products here, and you can see our most up to date pricing on this page.


Subscriptions are used for integrations or instances where you are uploading recipients to campaigns weekly. Pricing is based on the number of sends you are estimating each month and is quoted by our sales team.

Usage is charged on a 30-day billing cycle. One month deposit is required at the start of your subscription to enable the 30-day billing cycle with 14-day payment terms.

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