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Learn how to find your Scribeless API key, set campaigns to test mode, and get started with our REST API to send mailers programatically.

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Our fully documented API is easy, fast, and flexible.

The Scribeless HTTPS REST API allows you to programmatically send handwritten mailers. We'll answer a few basic questions for you here, though the most comprehensive guide can be found in our Scribeless API documentation here.

Where can I find my API key?

Your API key can be found in your account settings. Log in to the Scribeless platform, click "Settings" in the left sidebar, and you should see your API key. It will be formatted like this: M5WO4Bx5SDhttyoSvo3UGXx1Nv52$oaQLRlmnc9qFa1WFy0cg.

Ensure you keep your API key secret to prevent unauthorised access to your account.

How can I set my campaign to testing mode?

When in testing mode, recipients will not be sent or charged. This is used to ensure your triggers and data mapping are working correctly. To do this, visit your campaign summary in the Scribeless platform and click "Enable Testing".

Any test recipients that come through will have a yellow background, showing you that you won't be charged for those recipients. Once your triggers are working properly, you can click "Disable Testing" so any recipients that now come through will be generated and printed.

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