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CRM integrations

Integrate Scribeless handwritten mailers with HubSpot, Zoho, Salesforce, and other top CRMs, and trigger mailers from workflows or APIs.

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Connect Scribeless to your CRM to send handwritten mailers programatically when meetings are booked, deals are closed, and much more.

The majority of CRM platforms have a sequence automation tool that enables us to add an action to send a handwritten mailer based on a trigger and filters set within the sequence.

Supported CRM platforms

A supported platform is one in which our team has domain expertise on that CRM, the integration path has been thoroughly tested, and active customers are using the integration. Any CRM platforms not listed below can likely still be integrated, but will require some research from our team.

  • HubSpot

  • Zoho CRM

  • Salesforce

  • Attio

  • Copper

Creating your integration

  1. Sign up to the Scribeless platform and create your campaign

  2. Create your sequence/workflow

  3. Select the trigger event from within a contact, company, or deal property

  4. Add any filters or time delays as needed

  5. Click "Send HTTP request"

  6. Choose PUT request for method, and enter the URL as:{{campaign ID}}?api_key={{API key}}

    The {{campaign ID}} is the last number in the URL of your created campaign, and you'll find your {{API key}} within your account settings.

  7. Set content to "application" & type to "json"

  8. Include first name, last name, and address data variables from your CRM within the body of the request

  9. Send test request

How can I set my campaign to testing mode?

When in testing mode, recipients will not be sent or charged. This is used to ensure your triggers and data mapping are working correctly. To do this, visit your campaign summary in the Scribeless platform and click "Enable Testing".

Any test recipients that come through will have a yellow background, showing you that you won't be charged for those recipients. Once your triggers are working properly, you can click "Disable Testing" so any recipients that now come through will be generated and printed.

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