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Salesforce integration

Integrate Scribeless with Salesforce to trigger individual handwritten mailers requested by your sales team

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Connect Scribeless to Salesforce to send handwritten mailers programatically in a prospecting sequence, when meetings are booked, deals are closed, and as a manual request from a sales rep.

If you do not have developer resources, you will need to provide access to our team to implement the integration for you.

Custom action

The custom action triggers data to be sent to a Scribeless campaign when manually entered by a member of your team. This action can be assigned to a lead, contact, company or deal object as a quick action or chatter action.

Custom action

Form submission

This is configured as a specific object action, and added to the needed page layout.

Sending data to Scribeless

To send data to Scribeless, you'll need engineering resource to create an Apex Class to make a HTTP request through to the Scribeless platform. If using flow, it will need to use the @InvocableMethod annotation.

We can provide more detail on this, or if you provide us account access we can implement for you.

Providing account access

If you'd like the Scribeless team to implement the integration, we will need you to follow the below steps:

  1. Create a dedicated integration user in Salesforce for each integration. This helps adhere to the principle of least privilege, ensuring the user has only the necessary permissions to perform their job.

  2. Assign the integration user to the Salesforce Integration user license, which provides the Salesforce API Only System Integrations profile and Salesforce API Integration permission set license for assignment.

  3. Configure the integration user in a sandbox environment first for thorough testing before implementing in production.

  4. Allocate permissions carefully, using permission sets to grant the integration user additional permissions needed for the integration.

Automating through flow

To trigger data to be sent through to Scribeless, you'll need to use Salesforce Flow and select the trigger you'd like to use. In most instances this is an update to a field on the associated data object (lead, contact, deal, etc).

Example flow

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